Comments : Once

  • 5 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This poem gave me the feeling that you will not settle for your surroundings, but live a thousand lives in many different places with little regrets. I like how much is left to the reader in contemplating whether this is what we would do or not. I almost perceive that you are aware you could have had it all with a certain lifestyle... and in throwing it away and moving on, you didn't waste, but tried everything to say you were alright with change. With the ending too, I am inspired to begin my own journey. Everyone always says be yourself, but if you don't know who that is yet and are able to adapt to many things and find what you like, then you can discover how to truly be yourself.

    Lovely piece.

  • 5 years ago

    by Sincuna

    This is a very existential piece about life and about living. At the beginning we feel as if we've discovered something, and as you said, loved a life. As simple as the opening lines most people feel we know what we want, know how happiness truly feels, and that satisfaction is something subjective and easily known. But ... "then threw it all away to try something new.". We are never satisfied, we are a being curious of the world, with the will to try out our surroundings, make mistakes, live by them. And I loved how the remainder part of the poem paints a quick story of the speaker's experiences, the random clobber of emotions and moments that, as a reader, we could tell they were at the very least still treasured.

    a different mind, a different me, every night.
    I reinvented, rebuilt, tore down, and replaced
    ^ I mentioned this piece being existential and this proves it.

    Greatly admired this one.