This One Is For You <3

by favi   Jun 22, 2014

This One is For You,
For the woman who left my heart black and blue,
I never thought i could live without you, tho! Im still breathing every day im still going, buried myself in a make believe happiness, its lowkyy eating at me feeding on me like an illness deep inside, feeling hopeless, emotionless,
Sometimes i just want to break down and endlessly cry outloud for you, but i fight it and i beat it, im hopelessly dying inside, its devouring me alive, i don't know if i can take it any longer, but i try my hardest to be stronger than how I've always felt for you, i really thought you was the one for me even after all the things youve done to me, i loved you so much can't believe how easy it was for you to let go of us, you took me for granted and took advantage, and i don't know now how much more love is left in me cuss my hearts already damaged, i feel like just jumping off the tallest ledge, to completely end this heartache, im lowkyy drowning in my own tears, but only i can see them building up, watching em' fall and hit the ground, i left you all alone, and you been let me go away, each day im trying to live but your forever in my heart or whatevers left of it, im honestly trying to get by my everyday, since we been apart, i just hope your doing alot better i hope that you smile and give yourself a never ending happiness, hope that god keeps you safe and forever blessed, always did want the best for you, cuss i loved you like no other, tho! You took it all and didn't leave any space for my heart to love, to grow on any other heart to want to love me in return, so i just walk alone and wonder how i can numb my soul from this painful lost im struggling to cope with tryna live a life without you, know you'll always have a place in whatevers left of my heart.....<3OvOxO


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  • 3 years ago

    by The Fairy Mary Poppins

    Hun there's ALOT of grammar errors in this piece not to mention capitalization on certain words would be nice...commas would be nice too...otherwise nice poem hun


  • 4 years ago

    by favi

    One of my favs.:)