Thank You

by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness   Jul 18, 2014

Reminiscing over the past
Over the love contained within those years
How I totally gave my heart to her
Shared inner most thoughts and fears

Remembering the happy times
Even the sad times
But those can be spoke about other times
Told through alternative rhymes

She filled me with so much hope
I knew somehow my dreams had come true
My prayers were answered
When she came along...brightening up my life

Words of love came so easily
Her beauty in all it's wonder
Dazzled and inspired me
That they flowed with such loving eloquence

Accepted one another
Even though we weren't married
Commitment was there
For better and for worse

I wore an engagement ring
For the last four of seven years
As I knew she was always going to be
My earth angel sent from heaven

Even though we have parted ways now
She will always be my first love
Admiring her beauty forever
Thanking her for giving love

Showing me that for at least once in my life
I could experience a love do deep and true
Dreaming that one day she'd be my wife
My number only beau

So if you ever read this my dear friend
For all the years you gave me
I would like to say
Thank you

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