Love Letters

by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness   Jul 18, 2014

Thinking to himself
About those letters again
Stored on the shelf
Collecting dust
Instead of having eyes
Gazing over the inked words
Feelings are no longer disguised
With juvenile wordage
Yet those stories will stay unsaid
Untold to grow old
As will the guy whom wrote them
No one shall know but him
Staying locked away
As the emotions held within
Could make or break him
So the box
Continue collecting dust
On the timeless shelf
Emotion bound
Never found
By the one desired
From a far
Beauty admired
Poetry laced lines
Of a man's feelings
Over time
Staying as dreams
As confidence needs healing
Starry eyed day dreamer
Even though she'll never know
She will never find another lover
As doting as him

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