July 4th Of Many Firsts

by Hawk Flight   Aug 7, 2014

The fireworks explode above my head
lighting up my daughters faces
Arianna wide eyed with fear
Sophia wided eyed with wonder

Kaitlyn met my eye
Smiled at me
knowing what I was thinking.

Fourth of July is my Holiday
something about the fireworks
And seeing my children light up
just like me it made me smile.

Arianna's first 4Th of July ever
Sophia and I's first one together
Kaitlyn and I's first one
As Husband and wife.

My favorite holiday
just got even Better

(to my Wife and Daughters)


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  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Simple, but beautiful.

    I challenge you to write another poem but with more detail of what actually happened this night. This poem sums up the night but doesn't really show us how the night felt. It shows us how you felt about the night.

    But you could describe what the night contained, where were you, what colours were the lights, what noises were around you, describe the childrens reactions?

    Just some suggestions to boost this poem up. It has good potential.