Blood Creed

by Bob   Oct 7, 2014

Violent crimson splatters of delicious sugary blood staining the blank canvas of this wall.
Complete utter loss of my feeble soul as they watch my graceful downfall.
Tainted vile emotions led me from the well trodden worn foot path.
Showering cleansing purifying ritual of satanic bloodbath.
Freedom unchained unhindered as the perfect virgin bullet enters the chamber door.
Lights flickering dimming as pounds of nutritious brain matter ruins the clean oak floor.
Blackness all consuming devouring as chilling enticing perfect screams begin to ring.
Demons phantoms of vampiric night lift up their harmonious voices to sing.
Arise burst forth from your worm ridden dirt tombs of ash and earth.
Gorge viciously wildly your acid laden stomachs on fresh humans of no real worth.
Eternally victoriously condemned shackled chained to this immortal curse.
Intestines with rosy pink lungs complete the fashionable designer purse.
Munching gnawing on fire roasted bones and perfectly seasoned mature heart.
Hiding silently restlessly in the fruitful bountiful darkness awaiting my part.
Justice nonexistent extinct unreal among this human world today.
Killing myself slow or fast shall determine my fate's elusive way.
Open my sinful lustful eyes to the truth I humbly beg and plead.
Reciting enchanting the long lost text through completion of this creed.


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