Deja vu

by Nitzy   Nov 5, 2014

Forever in my soul
You ve lived for reasons unknown.
For I was not sure,
Until the day I saw you
I was lost I was wounded
In a crowd of millions
I had been looking for a face
That was yours.

Your picture had been etched in my memories,
It was like a deja vu

The smirky grin, the sparking eyes
I had seen them in my dreams
The sound of your voice
I had been following it all this while.

Then when your hands held mine
Our lips entwined
The warmth it gave me
I could feel a hundred butterflies
That instance I knew this just couldn't be it
It had more to come
I knew you were the missing part in my story
The one iv been waiting for.

The sparks of our making love
Were enough to make fire
We were beautiful
We were in love
With each passing day it grew
We were getting to confess
It could have been a fairy tale.
You were scared to feel to be broken.
I could feel you slip
It broke me never to love
Something that could have been was now just dust.

But I knew
Your picture had been etched in my memories,
It was like a deja vu.

It wasn't yet the end
You came back into my arms,
For that is where you were meant to be.
You didn't want another moment wasted,
With tears in your eyes my hands you held.
Slippin your hand inside your pocket
Taking out an enormous rock
Asked me if I would choose to wake up beside you
Every morning
If I would stand by you for the entire journey of life
If I would take you as my husband and be your loving wife

I smiled and all I said was
Your picture had been etched in my memories
And I knew it was much more than just a deja vu.


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