by Wednesday   Nov 17, 2014

Tangible distance pollutes the air
Constantly trying to prove I care
Love still occupies both of our hearts
Knowing this is where the end starts
More then anything I need you
But this distance we can't see through
Feeling your hand slip out of mine
Expressions pretend we are fine
Inside of our souls we are dying
Asking if this is worth the crying
All we have is love to hold on to
Violent actions push me away you
Pushing you away from me with insanity
Walking on the borderline of my personality
Legs beneath you grow tired and weak
Hurting to the core and scared to speak
Carefully picking the words you say
Skating on thin ice every day
A circle that has no end
I hurt you again and again
Anger inside of your veins
Lashing out and causing me pain
When I explode I live with the regret
Because when your mad you hit
Our souls are tainted and angry
Bursting out of you and me
Both of us have moments of being insane
Both of us use anger to cover shame
Love is enough for hearts like ours
Love in our hearts is more than the stars
You will never be the one to go
I will never leave this we know
Just forget the distance tonight
Hold me so close, so tight
Just forget every ridiculous fight
Together we will always be alright


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