For Your Entertainment

by DyingxBreed   Dec 23, 2014

Your words go right through me
They tear me down in ways you can't begin to comprehend
It's hard to think I'm still here
I should have been gone long ago

You saved me, taken me higher
Fueled me faster
Spat me out and drove me insane
It's nothing like I've felt before

Here we go again, yet it isn't the same
I've seen your face a million times
Yet you haven't seen the fire in my eyes
Every day we are apart seems endless

My fears eat at my mind, forcing me to give in
You've taken me in and drove me out
Yet still when I break apart I cry out for you
Still you barely see the passion I try to hide

Every night I question if I'm worthy
Worthy of speaking to you, a peasant to the king
You were put through Hell at the hands of who you describe as your true love
Self inflicted, this paranoia is breaking me down

All I want is to see you one last time
Before I set you free from me
Off of the chains I've put you in, away from this agony
This truth is too hard to take, yet I'm here for your entertainment



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