by Beautiful Tragedy   Feb 27, 2015

Mind reeling,
I'm reachin out, but I ain't feelin,
Like someone or anyone cares.
I'm trying to keep my sanity,
It's not me doing it to myself it's humanity,
And I'm trying to stay afloat but,
I can't get off this sinking boat.
I can't swim so I thrash,
Silently screaming but I crash,
I'm tryna tell you things,
But my mouth just won't spit it out,
I try to shout,
Throat catches with the words,
My breath is caught in my throat.
I cant breathe,
I tried to give my heart away but someone stole it,
A thief.
How do I live in a world where people are cruel,
And take everything you love from you,
Being hated is the rule.
I can't fight back for the fear,
That if I do my end will be here,
so I come near,
Trying to tell you through unspoken words,
Things that have never been heard,
But I can't
And I'm choking back tears,
While I'm facing my fears,
Looking them straight in the face,
My life is such a disgrace.
How do you live when it's hard to breathe?
How do you speak when you can't talk,
Go home when you can't walk?
How do you dream if you can't sleep,
All that comes out is a weep,
A sob,
That your tryna hold back,
But you can't let them see you like
And that so you hide it,
Smile so bright they can't see
What is really bugging you,
You won't let them in,
It doesn't matter what they do.
But then there's that one person you need,
The person you let lead
You to the happiness you deserve,
But what if they can't give it to you,
And you try to keep them,
You're holding on so tight,
They are your precious gem,
Your diamond
The light in your world,
But things start
To whirl,
To twirl
To swirl
Around you and you lose track of what is real,
What is reality and what is fantasy.
Things are complicated
Is all you can say when people ask,
But silence consumes you and you try to bask,
In the light of the happiness that you can't find,
And you're searching, searching, searching
For the answers you can't find.


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