United We Stand

by Kalli Woody   Apr 24, 2015

United We Stand
United we stand
On this one common ground
Land of the free
But not of the sound
Promised freedom
But none we get
They tell us lies
And put us in debt
These leaders
You people hold dear
Tell you lies
Year after year
This country
Found for a reason
With hope of safety
With hope of freedom
This here country
We hold dear
Is in crumbles
With no hope here
As our leader
Drives us to the ground
The phrase United we stand
Is still thrown around
It holds some truth
Though filled with lies
This here phrase
I begin to despise
I guess it holds
One small truth
United we stand
We fall as a group
Our dear country
We once thought good
Is in ruins
Our leaders act not like they should
United we stand
On this common front
Our money in danger
For that's what they hunt
United we stand
We stand all around
Our nation in ruins
Falling to the ground


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