Popular Poems About Life

Latest Poems About Life

  • What am I?

    by Walter

    I am very handy to have around
    And most likely in every home I am found...

  • Twas Always Thus (2) 1

    by Tony Grannell

    Who wears the hide knew not the beast,
    the butcher's pride on which we feast...

  • Black Dream

    by Sive Klaas

    O' why the fuss my people?
    why you give it a life of toil...

Quotes About Life

  • Within each tear, there's a lesson worth learning.

  • Children soak up the world around them. Do them a favour, show them a sea of goodness, the waterfalls of free love, and the perilous rivers of sin.

  • Love is like respect, it starts from within.