by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness   May 18, 2015

I'm setting my sights on you,
For you are the cool breeze,
Flowing through the scorching sun,
Allowing me to hear your beautiful voice.

Building a life for us in my thoughts,
By way of imagination and dreams,
Creating an existence from a blank space,
Completely unspoiled and untouched,

For your eyes sparkle like stars seen around planets,
In the deepest reaches of outer space,
I want to bring out our love of the stardust,
So I can give the universe to you my love.

Painting a picture isn't just enough,
Needing to write stories about us,
Then future generations can read the mesmerising pages,
Of our love that speaks volumes throughout the coming ages.

Looking at you like a shooting star,
That I have caught and intend to keep,
As you can give me unparalleled peace,
When I gently close my eyes to sleep,

For in the morning your eyes sparkle like the sun shining through clouds,
From the upper atmosphere of the earth's skies
I want to bring out our love of the stardust from the night before,
So I have enough energy to give the world to you my love.

The brightness of the sun,
Can give me just enough,
For me to eternally bring out the love,
From the pulsating remnants of stardust within my heart.

Allow me to dream of the beauty that shines from within you,
Then I have memories of your voice,
Flowing through the cool breeze,
Keeping me cool under the scorching sun.

By Basey © 2015


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