Rappin a question for dude still in LDS church

by Clinton Hills   Jun 3, 2015

Hmm so that leaves me a little confuesed? We all knows the LDS church today has long since burnt up it's fuse. It ain't the same way as 200 years ago. Heck they won't let people in the temple no mo for havin a little booz and all their prophets Are in a spiritual snooz Do you really believe they still in gods shoes? And I ain't judging or tryin to make you budgin Just curious how you still runnin cause from what been seen by these eyes of mine your more educated than monson times 9 so what's happen?
Now ik shackhaam told you who I am but id still like my life to remain anonymous if I can cause I like to keep private my plan. And leave my past buried back With my dad's mini van


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