Comments : I am a mother now

  • 3 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Hello Amanda,

    A wonderful powerful piece of writing. The feeling of frustration and dare I say annoyance at loosing oneself by giving life to another. The ultimate sacrifice some might say? Or perhaps, the most privileged life affirming chapters in a women's life.
    I love the the way you speed up the dialogue, like "A woman who is busy doesn't get time to be involved in the political
    No chance to have an opinion or be critical
    Nor helpful, on the forefront and analytical
    You told me my job as a woman is at home, why you so hypocritical"
    The use of rhyme here tightens up your point for me.

    Well done indeed.


  • 3 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    I cease to exist.. I am a mother now
    I put myself last, I am easy to resist.. I am a mother now
    I feel so lonely.. but why.. aren't I after all a mother now

    ^^These opening lines are so true to the core and at one point or the other every mother feels, felt and deals with these feelings. I know I do each day!

    I used to have dreams and wild unbridled ambitions but..I am a mother now

    ^^These dreams are no more and there are moments we tend to pass on these dreams to our children or just simply dream to see our children surpass it.

    When I'm out all I hear, how are you kids, WHERE are your kids
    When I'm at work what I hear is HOW many kids and where are they? You're a mother now
    When I'm in 5 minutes over time, WHERE are your kids

    ^^You have captured the situation and society's thinking of a working mother. Sometimes they are labeled as the one who doesn't care! Little do they know that a mother too has her needs but puts her kids' needs first.

    The last three verses sums up an overall picture of how society views women generally. No matter how much we do, give and part we are always seen as a reproduction center, a home maker and the ones who just have to put everything behind. Its a pity but the truth is this mentality still lives on!

    Well penned and spoken out!