He is my king

by Kitty Kurse   Jun 30, 2015

Tears burst from my eyes, from all these feelings I try to hide.
"Hold your hand, because I'm holding mine," He says to me as I close my eyes.
I gasp in air, intwining hands of my own, a bittersweet feeling, but something close to home.

My heart aches; it's a tight feeling in my chest. I bend over and realize I'm such a mess.
I try to forget how much I miss you, but at times like this I can't help but be broke into.
How I wish I could feel your soft sweet kiss, I realize that I'm missing so much more than this.

And when the wind blows a piece of my soul goes, in hope that it will reach you.
And when you are scared I just wish I could be there to hold you like I want to.
And when you cry I tell you it's alright, just as you do to me.
But there's just so much more I wish to do, but the distance keeps it away from me.

If I could be anywhere in this world, right next to you is where I'd be.
In your loving arms, wrapped up in your charm, I promised I'd never leave.
I'd get to see your smile and kiss you forever; we would finally be a family.

And knowing I have you in my heart, and that you love me so,
Helps me get through these hard days, but in the end it will pay, I've promised to never let go.
I'll be able to fall asleep next to you, and wake up to your face every day,
Make you breakfast in bed, coffee how you like; that'd be vanilla with two shots of espresso.

Wake you up with sweet kisses, how awesome this is, to be in love with my best friend.
Make funny faces, and be loving to my king, this way it will be to the end.
Because as he is my king, I am his queen, and together we would rule the world.
You and me baby, that's how it will always be.
Sitting In our castle, side by side, letting our love unfurl.

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