We The People

by Kitty Kurse   Jul 2, 2015

We the people of the United States,
People screaming "Gay pride, Gay pride!"
Is that all that counts now and days?
People still being judged for things done years ago,
Have we forgotten who is really close?

We the people of the United States,
Not you, not me, not them, nor they.
Not white, not black, not Hispanic, nor gay.
We are we, the people of the United States.

As we slowly tear down a country that has been built,
By us, our families, and those who have been killed and are being killed.
We aren't focusing on the ones that matter, our sons, our daughters and those to come.
The one's who will be here when we are not, do you guys not see the problem that has already begun?

We the people of the United States,
Have forgotten what it means to be free and love along the way.
We are bringing up our children in a world full of hate.
It's no longer okay to go outside and play with toy guns,
We are trying to erase history thinking it will fix the problems that have recently begun,
We no longer smile to our neighbor, and our neighbors neighbor.
We the people of the United States.

We are to focused on oil and BP, money, hatred, and watching T.V.
We cut down the trees, but do we replace them?
Polluting the waters, these problems it seems we do not face them.
We do not teach our kids that if you take, you must give back,
Or that it's okay to be different, be who we want to be, and relax.
They see us fighting, destroying, killing, hurting, and harming,
And to think the look up to us, isn't that charming.

We the people of the United States,
Push so hard for things to change.
We riot, we argue, but we don't teach our children to not be this way.
We blame others, and look to other people to change things,
Like god, or whoever it may be, is this what you wanted your children to see?
Riots across the country, burning buildings, like a dooms day?
We the people of the United States, have to change or things will always be this way.
We are given rights, and people fight for those rights and this is what we do with them?
We are we, and we are what makes up this country.

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