People's love

by Bayan   Jul 6, 2015

People Do not love me,
they do love a version of me I won't deny it.
A version I've spun for them,
I swear it's me am not lying about it.

It kept growing in their mind,
The version that I have provide..

But man, people always forget,
that in each person two sides u get

A good side of us, that we gladly shared
And the other one, from it we're scared

It's a side that we hide,
We controle it, we bury inside.

But when we're down or feeling sad
We lose control and we may act bad

And Just like that,
I am not that good..
Yet am not that bad

And so are you,
Each one of you, have a good side,
And another one that you bury inside

*By me 5 July 2015


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