by Kitty Kurse   Jul 23, 2015

Can we please go back,
to how things used to be,
when the sun shined,
and it was only you and me.

The rain never thundered and roared so loudly like it does now.

The clouds came and went but the sun still shined,
I need to be careful with this heart of mine.
My heart still beats the same, but my mind needs to stop the games.
I'm tired of drowning in this flood that over came.

My hope for us is strong,
My love has no delays,
But I'm sick and tried of waiting,
And counting up the days.

I miss my best friend,
I know he's still there,
I just wish we could blow away the storms,
And sleep without our fears.

Together I know we can do this,
Though we deal with the same pain,
Of having to miss each other,
In many different ways.
Sadly a pain we've grown to know,
But what will win is our love.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Well written and a very powerful end

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