Narc Mother

by Gasttlee   Aug 11, 2015

Nearly every moment I was with you,
I was blue,
but couldn't see through
to hate you,
though this isn't to hurt,
just ring true.

I was your child
yet you were riled
making others reviled
with your tales so wild.

You consistently kicked me away
demanding your way
leading everyone astray.

All you ever did was poke fun
and at practically everyone.

I allowed my kindness
and your words to put on my blindness.

Almost every moment someone's with you,
everyone's disgusted you,
though they could never tell the real you.

You are spoiled
sinking all deep embroiled.

You are so vain
that no one could see plain
as you caused everyone so much hidden pain.

Many people have been hurt,
but blinded by your masking dirt.

You charmed and lied up front,
but in the back, you stabbed blunt.

You can be selfish
like a spoiled dish.

You cared for nothing but your ego
as you masqueraded as everyone's amigo.

You're a narcissist
completely heartless.

You've hurt me
and the very many
people who are suppose to be your family.

You use
as much as you abuse.

You take others for granted
with your views so slanted.

You manipulate
and in no way can relate,
much less appreciate
everything around you that's great.

You pull strings
clipping birds of their wings.

Your only goal
is to control
planting everyone a deadly role.

You know what you do
so don't play like you
don't have a clue.

You always ran me dry
forcing me shy
as you cry
and lie.

In truth, you never listen,
yet you think you glisten
keeping everyone else in prison.

You compromise
more than you care to realize.

I can't trust you're ever really sincere
except when you spread problems, real and fake, overly clear.

You're a drug
deadly as a thug
who does nothing but shrug.

You treated me like a slave
digging deep for my own grave.

You see me as nothing but an extension
so you can get attention
instead of staring deep in your reflection
and your every action
from your delusional perfection.

You don't know the real me
because you could never see
anything pass your vanity,
yet you snicker soundly
as if knowingly
and constantly humiliate me.

You don't respect,
yet you constantly expect.

You will silence me no more
as you try to break my
very core.

Your games run old
like the stories you've told.

You never ever count or care for your blessings
and you bury everyone under your messings
in your extravagant dressings.

You're like a monster
disguised as an impostor.

You could never see what's always been in front of you,
something you always knew to be true,
but like garbage you threw
and spew.

You are always given limitless love
the kind dreams are made of,
yet you just use and shove.

You're not slick,
but you are very sick.

With respect, you're unhealthy and unfit
to have any sort of a relationship with.

You can be extremely toxic
destroying all logic.

Relationships are about give and take
with so much at stake.

This is why I never tell you things
because to you they're just meaningless flings
where you shoot your stings.

You seriously need to get over yourself
before you end up by yourself.

I may be your blood,
but that doesn't mean I owe you crud,
especially since you constantly throw mud.

You have so much
that others would die to have in their clutch.

You're ungrateful,
it's shameful
as you're unsatisfiable
in every way possible.

As much as I love you,
I get can't be close to you
because you behave like an ugly, old shrew.

I finally see you for what you really are
a monster so bizarre
you leave more than just a scar.

You never take responsibility,
but when confronted you grow mad with hostility.

You really need some serious help
and not your usual yelp.

They say ignorance is bliss,
but you really need to hear this.

Learn to open your ears
and not just for the cheers,
but also the tears
instead of obsessing over the way your image appears.

Learn to be humble
instead of getting defensive and in a rumble.

You may see this as resentment,
but it's not, it's a statement.

You don't take me seriously
because you don't see me clearly.

You just see shy,
yet to this day you still don't understand why.

Right now, this is the legacy you're leaving as a person,
so you need to learn your lesson.

Is this how you really wanna be remembered
as somebody so dismembered?

Today could be the last to make amends,
for tomorrow may be a mean to ends.

I'm trying to make fright,
just set things right.

I could hate,
but that's too simple to create.

Instead I pity
and pray you'll be ditty
and internally pretty.

I pray for your change,
but I'm sure to you that's strange
as you take advantage.

Everyday, one after another,
I always wonder,
do you really love being a mother,
or am I really just that much of a bother?

This is the end
and I hope I made amend
for those who need a friend.


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