Comments : Most Elaborate Way to Ask a Girl on a Date

  • 3 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    That two people can care for each other genuinely,
    Always communicate with open honesty,
    To be accepted however flawed they may be,
    This is what I've searched for so desperately,
    Because I know that it is out there,
    Wherever it may be,

    ^^This one I agree with wholly for its important to have an open communication, be honest and truthful-the very foundation of a lasting relationship.

    It takes a long time to know a person and when you are in a relationship and are comfortable one feels better to open up a bit more. One thing though don't just say and do things just to get the girl but be genuine and if she is the one go for it and let her know.

    I like how you have written this poem from both view points and it talks about how one is trying to get over a hurt relationship while the other is open and waiting to help..nice write.

    • Thank you for the praise. Yes, I did my best to take what information I knew about her and write some of it from her point of view. I'm glad it was appreciated.