by Alexis   Sep 10, 2015

We can throw stars
up into sky
& make a pact
to digress more.

I'd love to discover with you
the source of suffering
Buddha talked about
& who knows
you would save me from
a cycle of emotional disconnect.

You could measure my fears
& the silence in between my words.

Yes, baby
you can fix me.
What a transgression
it would be!



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  • 2 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy


    this is another poem that is concisely written, every word perfectly placed.

    From reading this poem I believe it speaks of commitment, or at least the, 'lets throw caution to the wind and do it' It speaks of pain and previous suffering and the need for this to be put right with a healthier experience.

    Throwing stars up into the sky symbolises for me anyway fate.

    Suffering is endless, & (good eh?) has no cure for suffering. This is a great way to view this human affliction. Why seek perfection, happiness when it never lasts. Except the here and the now and find harmony in the self. Why do we fear connection? If releasing this fear allows to live freely, surely there is a walkable path ahead.

    This poem is truly enlightening.

    Take care,