Before We Break Up

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

We both knew,
That this day would come.
So we don't really mind,
We just want each other,
To be happier in life.
At that time,
You were the one I loved most.
My tears were all for you,
And my smiles were because of you.
Thank you for the memories,
I definitely will not forget.
Even though the taste of love,
Is slowly fading away.
Tonight's date,
Will it be the last?
I promise myself,
Not to cry.
We knew in our hearts already,
And now we are just being cruel.
Refusing to say out,
What we both knew.
That our love had already ended,
And this relationship is over.
Who's going to say it first?
Who will make the first step,
To free both of us,
From this love that's killing us both.
Thank you for your love,
I will never forget you.


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