Should I Tell

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

We are good friends,
But I want something more.
My heart has been yearning,
To reveal this secret,
That I love you a lot.
I am scared though,
What if you reject me?
What if I am teased?
I'm just a girl,
Nothing more.
All my friends can tell that,
This is killing me slowly.
They want me to stop,
Falling harder for you.
But how?
They have no answer as well.
Everyday I see your face,
Smiling and happy,
Clueless of what you are doing to me.
I avoid you to close my heart,
To give myself some space to think.
But without talking to you,
I feel lost and weary.
Just a smile from you,
Excites me like hell.
There is a question,
I have been asking myself,
Should I tell you?
That I have loved you for so long?
We are now friends,
And I am thankful for that.
What if after I confess,
Things start to change?
What if after I say,
We will become awkward?
I don't want that to happen,
But you not knowing my feelings,
Is hurting me badly.
I can't risk our friendship,
But maybe we will have a chance.
My heart is really aching now.
Anyone can let me know,
So should I tell?


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  • 3 years ago

    by Just a Shadow

    I remember when I felt this way. I can only say one thing: go for it. For me, I rather risk it and tell that person than look back and regret it for the rest of my life. Nice piece of work. I hope you find some answers.