Thank You for Everything

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

Hey old friend,
Years have gone by,
Since we first knew each other.
We had all changed,
So much that we were not,
The same girls we used to be.
We were all so carefree,
So immature in the ways of the world.
Thinking the biggest worry,
Is finals and which idol to chase.
But now time has passed us by,
We are all young women,
Going out into the world.
Neither kids nor adults,
Neither young nor old,
We are finding our ways,
Our paths to our future.
The world is harsh,
Life is tough,
But I just want to thank you,
For always being there.
When the going gets tough,
I think of you.
Your friendship that warms me up,
Your love that touches me.
The girl you used to know,
I hope you still love.
No matter how long time has gone by,
I hope we are still friends till the end.
Thank you for everything.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Hello and welcome to PNQ
    A lovely poem from you here, charting that time in our lives we can all relate to. It seems an eternity ago for me though I am only 34! Leaving teenagehood behind and wondering about your future and your friends. Well written and all the best