Comments : I am, and they are forevermore strong. (You are weak)

  • 2 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    By Haleyy dOss

    " Something so weightless, I never thought that I could carry.
    I always recreate this, I'm scared, but right now it's not so scary."
    Seems you found security in a weightless spirit

    "It's beating so loud, my shoulder unattached from the weight of this heavy feeling.
    How is this even allowed, shouldn't I already of been slowly healing."
    Yes even if a higher power is perceived as the ego how is a burden so great allowed?
    Only a suggestion shouldn't I already "have" been slowly healing."
    Using of in place of have is a very common error in grammar

    " An infinite amount of days, but some things you can't seem to leave behind.
    An infinite amount of ways, but the right way you can never find."
    I do believe the ways to deal with negative circumstances or emotion seem infinite

    "I always feel misplaced, it feels like it's missing but it's really still there.
    Something I would've faced, the removal, the incision, and the tear."
    Message of relief coming from letting go

    "I feel so crippled, never again will I ever be the same.
    My lack of trust has sadly tripled, and I hate to admit but you're to blame."
    Very wise to find a cause of undesired effects

    "Ironically I'm disgusted, because at first you were the best taste.
    I can't believe I even trusted, a person who was a waste."
    I can relate to this "what was I thinking" moment

    "You ruined my happiness, and you ripped out my glowing heart.
    I'll always live with this, the weight that's been tearing me apart."

    Descriptive imagery of a broken heart again

    "I look to the right, my heart still would've st my sleeve.
    I always wake to this sight, and I'll never be able to find myself to truly believe."
    Not sure what the st means

    I fear for your next choice, I don't want you to hurt them like you did me.
    I fear when they hear your voice, the real person they won't even see.

    I hate the thought of them to start off thinking that they can even trust you, because one thing I know is that your impression is just a clever well made out plan, anyone to believe go by it, doesn't know how to identify a real man.
    I love the fact that I found out who you really were and what you would really actually do, they'll learn on their own, maybe faster than I did, and follow each worn out placed clue.

    Soon everyone will have heard, that you were never what they thought, never in a million years.
    You may have filled me with every word, but I I won't ever again waste my tears.

    My hearts on my sleeve for good, because you misplaced it from where it belong.
    I'll carry this weight like I should, because I'm no longer weak, I'm forevermore strong.

    Strong finish

    • 2 years ago

      by Haleyy dOss

      I love that you care & give feedback (: