Starting Over

by Sheila King   Feb 23, 2016

Not sure if it's worth it, not sure if we try...
Just how far we may get before we wonder why
Learn from past mistakes, lessons well taught
Memories always there; remind you what you've got
Can we be honest? Will there be any doubt?
Can we really try to work all past things out?
-Starting over, can start things over-
Like what ended once before
Starting over can start a new thing; and tell us if it's sure
We can start out as friends, friends who try not to judge
Friends who need each other & will not hold a grudge
Help with each other in areas we may need adjusting
Open, honest, and truthful- we both need to be more trusting
Our past is in the past, over, said & done-
We've had some time apart, alone & having fun...
Question is are we start all over again?
Will there be to much already "undone" for us to understand?
Do we dare to try to pick up the things we lost, and stick around to see how

it ends-
No matter what the cost?
Neither one quite sure the way we want it to be-
Can't live without you- you can't live without me
We know there must be changes that both of us must make
Chances and decisions, choices to take-
I feel at lost of words that express both doubt and hope
Pressure of what we cannot see & willingness to cope
Are we sure that's what we want, or is it just a desire?
Can't stand the flame of someone else setting your heart on fire-
Still not knowing if we'll make it- hoping neither of us fake it
Starting over, a new beginning- either we'll be losing or winning
Just do our best through each trial and test; talk things over as a friend-
I think we can do it and both get through it, and keep starting over from being the end


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