by The Alaskan Husky   Jul 24, 2016

Why do I care to write this down?
cuz it'll just circle back round again...?
Been sleeping with too much time on my hands
weighing heavy
causing apathy to shine
you try to wake me?
swear it was the pain and we both obliged
made it with love
yes it was our design
Tell me, how could we just let that die?
could it been you or had it been I?
Daffodils Dancing on your heart
kissed with black ink
written from a more pure place within
Like is it too late to apologize?
Genuinely was so focused on the top
somehow causing you to slide
Im military minded
never leave a battle behind
and since were not speaking electric
how about i refreshen you with this lyrical beverage
Im drinking from your cup drinking from mine


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