The donde in ur cereal

by rbmo401   Aug 3, 2016

Hey i know this is one of our many many almost everytime i see you kind of things. You ever have the entire world of faces tell you to skip hop and twinge, the first second and third guy on the your brain bus and even that fighter whos constant stumble gracefully pounds grooves into your shoulder and pours fire into your belly tell you to run flee hide. Do whatever but mostly peal yourself from what one can only hold in high regards; a cherry on my sunday ten years in the making, that calmin quiet warmth when the covers get pullled around you on a cold winter night, that first sip o liquor slithiring into your belly to turn your frown into the face paint of clowns from a circus watched by millions of smiling children. That person that despite all the bullshit you have that one thing with. A phrase know one understands but secretly loathes to know just to exprience joy and blissful awerness. The feeling of unequatable brilliant vunerability that chivers your spine but enflames your passion like a convused sailor with one paddle sitting in his bathtub knowing the storm wont drown out his sorrows so they can build boats for whos right. That person that didnt just rent an apartment but bought a block on your heart and put a billboard on the inside of your vision so that it was oddly out of your vision but harmoniously leggible. The one person that despite the hand pointing on its numbered face can spur little bubbles in your brain questioning how they are where they are what they might be enjoying and having to slighy glance because her brightness will blind you but temp you a must. The uncontrolable laugh that last for days and days and days and nights. The utter murmur of spoken truth you can only question every ones idiodict misinterpretation of the point, and some how they finish your ........ for these reasons these minutly coarse and floppy itty bitty no contest reasons you own and will always own your piece of my downtown historical block. For reasons like these can only generate what insegnifecantly harmonies few of us strive for and seem to not coincide perfectly but collide daintilly long enough to see her smile warm my soul. And at this moment and forever you will never be completely alone and no matter the mess of things the loudest bark the deepest scouls can ever leave you wondering if your alone. I am one of the priveledged lottery winners to get the oppurtunity to share the same breath of presence with you. Know that im always here and believe it for it will never be false. I will gladly stand with you in anything you need me to. i would really like to spend some time with you. If you would allow it. If not i happily respect your choice. until then my friend.
-the donde in your cereal-


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