by Amanda   Aug 15, 2016

He was a lover
Unlike any other
He buried his face between my legs
Head on my chest
Not even my cynicism could resist
His warm smile
His inviting eyes
His strong chin that dripped sweet lies
He held me as if he loved me
And I believe in that moment he did
His fingers traced every inch of a body that was disheveled and shorn
He held my broken pieces together
And I had no idea
That I would just be
Another body
To keep his warm
I know it is often said
That when a man is gentle
And nurturing
That he will bulldoze your heart
He'll excavate the depths and expose your raw parts
Which you then fill with asphalt
You proceed to make a new heart
The new one is dark, it's hard
But it's built to last
You compacted it so well nothing green or new will grow or pass
You pat yourself on the back and you call yourself a savage
And you carry your cynicism like a broach with the rest of your baggage
You brag about not falling in love easily
As if loving were such a bad thing but you're safe now
Because of the brick and mortar you put up all around
Until your memory fades, until the pain is mitigated by the time that has transpired, much to your dismay the wall you put up didn't have seismic design
So another comes and shakes you to your core
You crumble easier than a dry white sand castle after all


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