Content Now in Darkness

by Rob   Dec 3, 2016

Content Now in Darkness,
In the ambiance of the night time,
Shadows permeate the darkened skies,
Apparitions partake in persuasive chants,
And all the evil here haunt all those who tried...
Ensconced on the knoll gazing up through the trees,
With the Cimmerian clouds of doom rolling in,
Darkness dwells in the mind of the damned,
Take peace in the knowledge that it will soon come to an end...
We will no longer be burdened with shame and the grief,
Finally the pain and the hurt soddened away,
Our souls will descend into the darkness of abyss,
While what remains of us there will simply decay...
To some death arrives as a welcomed contentment,
Cast into the shadows of those who have died,
We welcome the peace of release from the pain,
Therefore the tears will no longer ever be cried...
Within realms of the silence, hear the occasional screams,
Of those who resist their final fate,
But eventually they succumb to the peace of content,
A new welcomed freedom from those who were played...
No more cries of pain and no sense of the hurt,
Fame and the fortune just all fades to dust,
In the end nothing matters with the masses they go,
Shattered and torn deep beneath them we're crushed...
No one walks alone in the darkness,
Side by side souls rest on the headstone,
And we will search the night for those sharing pain,
Together the dead will take them back home...
Content now in darkness, forevermore...


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  • 1 year ago

    by Belle

    Thank you, wonderful write.