Why wait for love

by Bhekumuzi   Jan 5, 2017

By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Why wait for Love


How long will the right and sweet words touch that tender ear which the heart listens through.

For how much longer will my lonely eye, which is the third, see pain in front and behind closed and open doors.

No door has ever been opened for I.

The first which gave me my first breath, birth mankind prefer to call it; was my only open door to this day.

There's no more water in my eyes for I have drained it.

No more love for you never shared it with I,

The man I am today has never heard the words.

I love you.

I now write this letter, good bye letter to the creator

I bear a pain that I wish not upon anyone, nor the very lifeforms you've created within this undiscovered universe, mankind call home.

I see my ending coming closer and I except, will this little life of mine, tale its last bit of breath.

Will I be one of the legends have it, kind of memory, or around the fire stories for mankind.

I have shed some hurting tears and no one helped me wipe them.

Bleeds the heart I carry for you left me so lonely.

I'm trapped in this mind that holds the truth of mankind yet something keeps holding me back, a force to be reckoned with.

My heart that can love all beyond all heals for the weakest to find strength.

Yet I live in hatred of this life you gave. Lonely and sad for you only gave me the ability to give it and receive but a few moments of comfort.

I ask if you can spare the time your gave me for someone else so I may move out of this life.

Your children are older now although they may not understand themselves, I've met those that will get them there.

All my life I heard and still hear utters of your work and existence.

My life has been a darkness for those who riddled my words and a light for your children felt your comfort.

like the tenth planet that is said to have been part of the milky way, I , like it have been the outlaw.

I need not to rush your work.

I have come to a point whereby, I can not look through a blind eye and feel pain,  I feel a word with peace and blessings.

A world filled with Love.

I see and feel the pain in mankind and in the eyes of those I called friends and family.

I see them suffering as their own Creations hide their full potential.

I do not want to live in this world where a smile is like paying the bills for some people, and like walking on water for some.

Your Children are angry and frustrated with the life you created.

If this is your work, your world and you way or no access.

I need not be here. I refuse to play witness in killings that only needed words to express our opinions.

Most of it done In your name, and seeing your guidance misunderstood.

I believe in life, like he who wrote your word and created your path.

I am he who writes the new chapter for mankind.

No more fake smiles and kisses for their eyes and voice never lied.

You took the wrong person in that highjack.

My life ended in 2013 when I woke up in a stranger's body.

Let me go. Let me be.

Take your body back as you already have the life which was left in it.

Where have you been all my life.

This Satan guy seems to have been the one around me all my life.

Thanks for the test and taste, but I will pass on this one.

Your children have not received your message nor have they understood your work.

Your words are still a riddle to them and they still live like those that killed Jesus, just new technology that's all.

It's my time now.

I ask to be like an artist and reach fame after my passing.



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