In the Shadows of Darkness

by Rob   Jan 25, 2017

In the Shadows of Darkness

She lays in the darkness her tears flow blood red,
She feels isolated and forlorn in her pain,
The anxiety so intense making it dreadful to breathe,
While she tries to escape the binding parental chains...

It was always the dark forest she turned to in grief,
She could hear the Ferries eerie cry in their nest,
They would pierce the darkness with a bite to be feared,
Waiting for their chance to take her straight to her death...

In darkness, she perceives there are no tomorrows,
Only an evil commencement to the eternal end,
In this domain where the malevolent spirits lurked,
Destiny danced waiting for those who defiantly transcend...

It was through the shadows they would vigilantly watch,
Knowing her innocence had been lost long ago,
An ominous darkness within the realms of the gloom,
Of the Ferries feigned heart and dark shadowed soul...

On her bed, she slowly rises without inhibitions,
Deep down she knows they're not there as friends,
Denial the demise of the souls of the dead,
It is inside her mind the final story will end...

She closes her eyes and finally concedes,
She exposes her pale neck to their bite,
Hauntingly you can hear the engagement commence,
In this dreadful abyss on this dark shadowed night...

Bequeathed to the shadows of darkness she descends,
The internment no longer a threat,
The final emancipation from all the pain she endured,
The only absolution brought forth was her final death...


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