You are strong

by Bre Bre   Jan 29, 2017

Times are rough
But you are so very tough
Your smile is brighter then the stars
And your so strong you over come your scars
I know you are scared
But it'll all pass over
And you'll then seen
That it all was much more than a dream
You'll see it was a huge obstacle
And you were able to make it through the struggle
Because you are not only strong mentally
You are strong physically
You been through so much
That you are just now seeing truly seeing
What it means to be happy
Although your past become nightmares
Just know that is all they are
And know that each night
You will awake from them
And know each day
They will slowly fade away
Because nightmares
Are scary
But reality is scarier
And you got to live each moment
For what it is
Because before you know it
You'll soon regret
Spending all your time worrying about it
So smile
And square up with the obstacle
Because life isn't easy
And this is your true test
So put on the brave face
And show it what your made of
Because in the end
You'll stand tall
And you'll say I did it
Don't worry your not alone
You have many here
If you need the extra hand
Because you are loved
No matter what


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