Best Friend Is Your Name

by Bre Bre   Jan 29, 2017

Best Friend is your name
Without you I'd be lost
Your Friend ship is special
And I wouldn't give it up for any cost
You need to know that I'll be there
No matter what it may be
Through anything
Even if it is scary
Don't be afraid
I'll always care
And I'll be right there
Because our friendship is rare
Best friend is your name
And I'll give you advice
No matter it be day light
Or very late at night
You can count on me
Best friend is your name
And I'll love you forever
So don't ever worry Ima have your back
Cause that's what most friendships lack
So don't think I'm going anywhere
Because you are stuck with me
For internity
Best friend is your name
Hit me up
When you have trouble
Just know it'll be mine
When times are tough
I'll be there if you need to cry
When everything is falling apart
You got me here to help put it back together
When you feel like giving up
I'll be there to push you to keep trying
Because that's what friends are for
To be that shoulder
That extra hand
To be your secret keeper
To the very end
To help you heal
When you are wounded
To make sure you see your true beauty
Even if you refuse it
Don't thank me
Cause that's what I'm here for
I hope you know I love you
Because without you
I wouldn't know what to do
Without my goofy half
I'd be devastated
Because your name is best friend
And I'll love you to the end


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