Bury Me Like the Rest

by Avrii Monrielle   Feb 2, 2017

Please put me as a page
In your box of leaflets
Over the years
Mark me as the girl
Who wasn't quite chemical enough
Because we had only gotten up to Biology
Take me out of your vision
Because you didn't want to get a trendier,
More affordable pair of glasses
In fear of de-patronizing the staff
Remind someone
When you're older
That I was more than willing
To flee with you
Across the world
Today though
I want to be that living, breathing girl
I want to be able to gaze at you
While you find me annoying
And not take me in
While you turn away from me
Because to look in my eyes
Is a sin
Remind me that
It's bad to be stuck in my head
At the age they broke my soul
And I'll remind you
You're the same age
They took away
Your control
I want to be able to gaze at you today
And still hope for a flicker of redemption
I want to be able to touch your skin
And know your entirety still responds to affection
And I will wish to grab your hair
Now thick
And you'll still get mad
Thinking you'll go bald
While I know
It's really not that bad
Will I love you when you're 50,
Will I cheat on you with someone that is 25,
As I assure you, I at 50 years and 2 months,
Will only have you in my thoughts,
To me you're the only man I need in my life,
And then you respond with the fragilities
As you take my life away
Today you made me feel like a page
Floating into a box
I give you my life, my time
You being shared,
Willing I am not!!!


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Wow, loved this! So much love in this, growing old with this man, showing the world he belongs to you as much as you belong to him. Well done-

    • 1 year ago

      by Avrii Monrielle

      Thank you Brenda, I love that you got to read this. Brings me joy