My Dearest Love

by Hales Danii   Feb 6, 2017

It did not take much persuasion,
my heart has always been yours.
You were always my destination,
the soul that my heart longed for.

There was time and distance,
it kept me at bay.
But when the stars finally aligned,
to you, I found my way.

Your deep eyes welcomed me home,
your arms became my safe haven.
With you my sanity was too far gone,
I fell in love with you,
both chiseled faced or completely shaven.

Daddy told me I would find a man like you.
That you would love me, through and through.

You would love every scar,
you would love me at my worst.
And he was right, oh he was right all along.
But, loving a woman like me comes with a curse.


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