To Cole (A Love Letter) Poem

by Abstract Poet   Feb 22, 2017

Dear Cole,

I remember that day when you
saw me in the hallway at school
you were falling in love with me.

I never thought you had feelings
for me I know I would give you a
chance to date me for the first.

Time I waited all my life for a guy
like you, someone I know who would
be true I maybe thirteen and.

People say I am too young, but being
with you, it's like my life had just
begun I can see us together over.

The years being there for each other,
whipping away our tears we love
each other with all our hearts.

And I know with all that love we will
never part I love you, Cole you were
my first boyfriend in middle-school.

Love, Abstract Poet.

Dedicated to: Cole.A


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