Being OK has never felt better

by Beautiful Tragedy   Feb 22, 2017

I stood in front of you;
Mind racing, heart pounding,
Begging you to believe me..
I needed you that day.
Masquara streaked my face and my eyes were red and puffy;
Still swollen with tears.
You'd asked me why
I didnt say anything but i had tried.
I tried...
Your betrayal hurt.
My lungs burned from a signifigant lack of oxygen;
Unable to breathe with the full weight of it all.
Crushing my chest like a rock.
You said
you didnt know what to believe;
But I knew
you didnt believe me.
I could see the doubt in your eyes
You wanted nothing to do with me;
But i still gave out a silent
I love you as
I walked away from the only thing i had.
My heart said i love you.
My eyes said i will never forgive you.
We would never be the same.
And we werent.
We arent.
I dont think i ever forgave you for that;
I think the anger ate away at me
Like acid.
My heart a decaying apple;
Abandoned mid bite.
I DID love you.
I DO love you.
And while i couldnt forgive you then;
I need you to know
that i'm not angry anymore.
I forgive you.
I forgive you for doing your job.
I forgive you for not believing me when i needed you most.
Because all that matters;
Is that you are here.
You are here now.
And while we arent the same;
Thats ok.
We dont have to be the same.
We are stronger, better, wiser.
More brave.
We are OK.
And being OK has never felt so good.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Nicko

    I think I felt what you feel (I think, how can I truly know?) the feeling within this poem is same thing I have felt before and it hurt like hell ... but in the end it was ok

    Ok can be great ....

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