Queen of Hearts

by Bob   Feb 25, 2017

Sky blue eyes searching seeking for a new book.
Capturing locking away my heart from that first look.
Perfect radiant smile as she quietly whispers hi.
My vile filthy heart bursts forth emotions causing me to fly.
Oh why do I long nay dream of this angel every night?
Failing utterly to resist, repel, and win this fight.
Gorgeous majestic blonde hair cascades down her back.
Why can’t my feeble pathetic brain conjure the words I lack?
Quietly silently I sneak into another part of this bookstore.
Heart beating racing thinking of her making me want her more.
Eternity shattered destroyed when I feel like I’m not alone.
Dare I turn my unworthy eyes or keep them on my phone?
Lightly gently she places her hand on shirt covered shoulder.
Bumbling fumbling I wonder where is the nearest boulder.
Among all the humans of earth this woman chose me.
Unfortunately all possible exits are impassable for me to flee.
I gaze into those grasping eyes twice for this wonderful love.
Knowing God Himself sent her from heaven above.
Now time ceases to exist as we share a passionate kiss.
Joyful wonderful future ahead accomplish in one moment of bliss.
Remembering back to that fateful day with my new wife.
Truly satisfied complete this is my best life.


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