Panther Guide

by Lyra   Mar 25, 2017

Black panther, where art thou?
Risking my two cents
Trying to find you everywhere
But here it's so immense

I'm right here in front of your face
With fur so sleek and black
My roar so loud can call you
From 100 miles back

For terrors coming close
It's easy for us to hide
And when we have to run
On my back you'll ride

My friend, my star, you don't see that
I'm right beside you now
Rubbing up against your hip
Waiting for your bow

You have not seen much of the world
I'd love to take you where
You'll find a place with water
So in it you can stare

It will tell you all the places
Where you're yet to go
And all the masters you will meet
The greatness you will know


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