In the Darkness they play

by Rob   Apr 22, 2017

Fear not, just know they are with you,
As you walk in the darkness of forbidden halls,
And all those noises you think you perceive,
Are the incessant spirits just inside shadowed walls...

In the gloom caustic smells overwhelm the senses,
Your eyes feigning visions that they think they can see,
The faint screams of cries of those who turned back,
Never returned from their walk and were brought to their knees...

Apparitions chant slowly as they float through the night,
Giving chilling reminders that dead souls still thrive,
And while dreams turn to nightmares in the dark of abyss,
No one who comes here ever leaves here alive...

Look there in the corner can you see their eyes twitch,
Illuminated by the light from a candle on the urn,
Shadows pass this way only once in this room,
Once you walk through that door you will never return...

The darkness gives solitude to the forgotten dead souls,
The once soothing lullaby has played its last song,
Replaced by the rattling of long rusted chains,
Confined in this darkness is where we belong...

This destination of dread and terror and of trials,
A journey the mainstream could never comprehend,
But those of us who know in the darkness souls thrive,
So into the depths of the darkness we will descend...

Emancipated from the fallacious lives that they led,
Our shadows dance longingly on their sullen fresh graves,
We prey on their blood, their fluid of life,
Now they will join the darkness where we can now play...


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