A Rose to Propose

by Joshua Adam   Jun 6, 2017

Aye, the rose stands alone
with subtle powers to atone
solitude and faith, will behold
love between souls unfold

Sadness flees, hands clutch
tears melt away, hearts touch
lips meet, with a tender grace
two people face, lovingly embrace

Silent moonlight, echoes of the waves
a chance to eternity, the moment paves
on a sandy beach, with a heart to soar
beseeching her hand, bliss forever more

Soft cheeks can no longer hide
her emotions are too built up inside
embracing him with the love she's kept
silence now spoke, together they wept

Remembering how the moon paled that endless night
untainted love borne from the depths, burning bright
no longer would sadness endure, no longer to defy
Love found its true nest, never again to say good-bye


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    A sweet, lovely piece.