A Sweet Memory

by LezLove   Jun 26, 2017

I promised myself to never dwell in the past
But when it comes to you
I can’t help but look back
From all the times you held me
To the first day you told me you loved me
Every time you showed me you cared
To you telling me you’ll always be there
Every tear that I cried
You were always there to wipe them from my eyes
Me waking up in the morning
With you always on my mind
Telling myself I lucky I was to find
A woman like you
That between us two
There was a bond so strong
That nobody could breakthrough
A beautiful song
I find myself constantly singing to
A Kodak moment
That left a perfect picture in my head
That special kind of love
Every girl hopes to get
Even though I miss what we had
All it will be is a sweet memory
And another tear shed


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