Great Artwork Yet to Unfold

by stormingdance (Jessica)   Jul 2, 2017

Smiling ever so happily
Concentrating on your art
Fingers moving ever so wonderfully
Weird shaped wings, well, it's a start

Practicing for years
On that dragon
Not so perfect, streaming, your tears,
So you try a simple wagon

You look upon a picture
Wondering if it you could draw
Taking in its shape and sculpture
Memorizing it line by line of what you saw

You take out your paper
Then your artistic talent
Your dragon a girl, you hate her
So full of malice

You give the picture to me
Knowing my eerie ways
Once, the picture, I see
In my room it stays

You decide to start over
Make it beautiful and majestic
You add an innocent clover
In your mind your project it

Once memorized
You work once more so wonderfully
Finished, it has you mesmerized
Done so great and skillfully

You show it to me
Knowing my eerie ways,
I like what I see,
But in your room, it stays.

This is a silly little poem I wrote as a kid for a friend who loved to draw.


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