The Fallen Angels Ward

by fenix flight   Jul 5, 2017

He told her to let him go
That he cant love her anymore
that it hurt to much
The chains around his wrists.

So the Angels ward let him go,
Took off the binding chains
Told him he could fly
To spread his tattered wings.

But to her he came back,
Telling her
"I dont know what I want anymore"

She knelt down and looked at him,
Her once fallen angel
Once the person who made her feel safe.

"Do you want to be my Fallen angel again?
Because you know I will choose you
I will choose you every time"

He looks at her,
His eyes lost and full of pain
"I don't know what I want anymore"

She puts her arms around him
The Fallen angels ward held him close
tightly in her arms.

"I will always be here for you
No Matter what you choose
I'm not going anywhere
its in your hands now"


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