Immortal Love

by fenix flight   Jul 5, 2017

Pale skin So delicate
One touch can bruise it

Full lips cherry red
One kiss can make them swell

Big eyes baby blue
One move can make them tear

Precious life so fragile
In a blink of an eye it vanishes

My love so beautiful
Lush black hair Smooth as silk
Gentle voice and big heart

Her heart,
Counting out the beats of her life
Her mortal soul and numbered days

Where as I
Immortal creature of the dark
Forever laid out before me

Why is it my fate
To fall for someone
Whom I can never have

All I have ever longed for
Placed in this mortal women

Love, comfort, trust, safety
Harbored in her heart
Reach out to me without fear

But it is I who is afraid
Afraid to love her
Afraid to lose her

Her life is a fracture
A blink of an eye
Compared to my damnation

Curse this immortality
That has been spelled upon me


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