Little Pickachu

by fenix flight   Jul 5, 2017

I guess the little Pickachu
Is all that I have left of you
I'll hold it tight
Close to my heart
and Remember all the times we had.

Drinking grape Smirnoff
In the woods
out behind BCC.

All the times at your house
falling asleep together
curled up in your room.

On the way home
from college
Using you as a pillow
knowing I was safe.

My fallen angel
has been set free
The way it was meant to be.

But This little Pickachu
that is sitting here in my room.
Did you know I slept with him
Every single night?

I guess I'll just have to hold him
Just a little bit closer from now on.

(TO my Fallen Angel.... If you read my poem My Fallen angel this poem will make a tad bit more sense)


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