by DamonRay   Jul 6, 2017

One day comes then another day goes.
The Sun shines then the moon and the stars are exposed.
Understanding that's how the world naturally goes.
My eyes I have seen and done more then most know.
So much I regret; truly I'm so thankful you never let me go.
That year back then you was going to move with me but then when them handcuffs clicked I thought that was it.
Sitting in the cell I truly wanted you to know but I had so much regret I couldn't show.
A past caught up i felt all alone knowing I wrote my past in stone.
Tears never fell cause I had to be emotionless/strong.
Not a day went by I ever forgot what plans I messed up.
Nine years later your all I still and will always want.
Thank you for never letting me go...
I love you forever cause always shows forever is never alone...


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    A love I certainly...would envy...:-) What a sweet piece!