sweet fantasy

by beyouplur   Jul 19, 2017

you and me
forever meant to be
you help me to see
the worlds endless beauty
you give me the strength
and you light the way
you make me feel
like it will all be okay
make me heart smile
with every word you say
make my head spin
my world shake
with every second you stay away
but inside me i know
that it is the only way
we will find our true path
and mend our hearts back
to the beautiful bouquet
that they were one day
i know i don't need you
won't ever ignore the worlds beauty
truth is the pain is inevitable
and secretly i know
the world still goes on without you
but it is a mad one indeed
just cant quite believe in the vision
or see happiness in the reason
the picket fence seams
some call american dreams
live your life this way some say
the proper and accepted way
too busy to see
were all very naive
stories are not nearly unwound
much more truth to be found
or another life gone by
without their minds spoke aloud
followed all onto
the stationary merry go round
calmly sink into the sand
slowly spin faster
until you cant stand anymore
grasp tight for your life
but no more fight
dizzy down shot to the ground
or shove your problems down
our lives go by
in the blink of an eye
so baby lets fly
make this a beautiful ride
enjoy every second
do as we please
make amazing memories
and not let anyone step in the way
its just me and you anyway
you love me you told me
i make you happy you said
so just let me show you
that you can be loved
you have to imagine the worlds beauty
from the moon and sky above
then live your dreams
we could have the most pretty runaway
sunsets fast cars
long boards shining stars
bars with guitars and always coffee
it could be our sweet fantasy
cant you see
moonlight sushi
fancy recipes
your all i think of
the the only one for me
ill never let you go
i meant every single world
and i wont let you down
ill show you there is real love
even if it does take forever
ill never love another


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